Guidelines for Parents

Guidelines for Parents


  1. 10:45 am - Students drop off

  2. 11:00 am - Start of lessons

  3. 1:45 pm - Dhuhr salah in jama’ah

  4. 2:00 pm - Dismissal


  1. Email & WhatsApp are primary source of communication, phone alerts for quick reminders

  2. An outline of topics being taught on a weekly basis for each level will be shared by the teachers. Please refer to your child’s binder or their teacher for details.


  1. Students need to come to school with wudu and proper clothing to pray salah.

  2. Clothes should be modest and not revealing in any way.

  3. Shirts should not have any images of animals or people as we will be praying Salah on premises.

  4. Girls- Please make sure they bring a scarf, praying clothes or abaya that will cover them properly as required for Salah.

  5. Boys - Shorts should cover the knees so that they can pray. Otherwise bring a thob.

  6. Personal hygiene is very important. Make sure the student is clean and use of deodorant/ antiperspirant is advised. Parents please ensure your child wears clean socks to maintain a clean Mussallah area.

Cell Phone Use

  1. Cell phones need to be turned off or silenced during class.

  2. Cell phone used is strictly discouraged during class time.

  3. Cell phone will be taken away by the teacher till the end of class and will be returned only to a parent or a guardian.

  4. Students may be fined for inappropriate phone use.


  1. If child is sick, send a note, email or message. Pick up missed work from teacher and ensure they are caught up by next class.

  2. Unexcused/unreported absence will impact student's grade.

Being Prepared for Class

  1. Open mind!

  2. Great work ethic!

  3. Organized!

  4. A separate bag is recommended for use for Sunday School.

  5. Have your binder and basic stationery with you at all times.

  6. Students will have a monthly planner with them to help them organize their regular school work in addition to Sunday School.

  7. Come prepared with your homework done.

Leaving at the end of the day

  1. Dhuhr Salah (proper clothing as prescribed for salah is mandatory)

  2. Cleaning up – Teachers will specify when they need students to clean up before they leave.